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Route of La Arboleja

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  Plaza de  La Diputacion (Aledo) Murcia Spain 9:00 horas



Circular route with beginning and end in the Villa of Aledo. The trevel of this route, basic level, both technical and physical, aims to show part of the legacies, geological, cultural and architectural history left in the southern slope of Sierra Espuña, within the municipalities of Aledo and Totana.

Technical data:            


DistanciaDistance: 20 km

Dificultad físicaPhysical difficulty: Medium/Low

  Difficulty Technical: Low

 Time:  3 h

 Positive slope: 338 m

  Negative slope: 335 m

Starting at the Plaza de La Diputación of Aledo, the route goes to the Sanctuary of La Santa, where we can visit its interior, after passing through the Arch of Aledo, enter for 5 km on a beautiful tour inside the park Natural of Sierra Espuña to the place of Las Alquerías. From here we will start a long descent between parrales to enter one of the most beautiful geological corners of the Region of Murcia, El Strait of Arboleja, located in the middle section of the Rambla of Lebor.

The final section takes us to the neighborhood of Las Canales and later Patalache, where we will find the remains of one of the eight windmills found on the Rambla de Los Molinos. This mill of Patalache, is the one that in better state of conservation maintains and is next to the Cave of the Mauta.
We will make the final assault by the steep and very steep ramp of Las Cuestas, to the Medieval Villa of Aledo until arriving at the Tower of Homage, also known like La Calahorra, the stop here is forced, mainly to take air and to be able to contemplate the Seen from the viewpoint that surrounds the tower, the Gate of Traditions, La Picota and the ruins of the old wall that fortified the town. Before ending the route in the Plaza de la Diputación, it is worth getting lost in its narrow streets and corners.


The municipality of Aledo has a population census of about 1,000 inhabitants, being nailed within the region of Bajo Guadalentín. This municipality is located at the foot of the southern slope of Sierra Espuña, at a height of more than 650 meters, limiting the north, south and east with the municipality of Totana, and to the west with the municipality of Lorca.

The earliest news aboutAllon dates back to the 10th century, advanced to Muslim domination, which locates a fortified position in the place. This villa becomes a fortress around the 11th century dominated and carried out by Christian population. Aledo, his castle, aljama, villages and dependencies are delivered by Alfonso X El Sabio, (who is believed to have written some of his Partidas in that castle) to the Master of the Order of Santiago, Palay Perez Correa, as a reward for his victories Against the Muslims.

The pundonor of its first settlers made this municipality recognized with the right to carry in its shield the motto of Very Noble and Loyal for its valiant interventions in different military campaigns, included between the stages of Felipe III, in the defense of Cartagena, Passing through Felipe V, in the War of Succession and the War of Independence.

As far as the situation of this town, it is next to several hills, mountains and mountains, being the greater elevations those that are located to the north and south of the municipality, in the slopes of Sierra Espuña, as well as the Mountain range of Tercia. It is worth noting that it is surrounded by idyllic natural landscapes, such as the natural park of Sierra Espuña and the canyon excavated on rock of the "Strait of Arboleja", located in the Rambla de Lebor, as well as the Cave of the Mauta, located in the Head of the Rambla de los Molinos


Santuario Sta. Eulalia

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The Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia de Mérida, «la Santa», is located seven kilometers from the city of Totana. It is accessed by a road that crosses the orchards of this municipality, a place where orange, lemon, almond and flowers offer a show of special fragrance.

This road continues through perfumes of pines, rosemary and thyme to enter the foothills of the Sierra Espuña, where the architectural set of "la Santa" emerges in harmony with nature. From there you can reach the medieval town of Aledo by a road enveloped, equally, with soft Mediterranean vegetation.

The image of Santa Eulalia de Merida, the patron saint of Totana since 1644, is venerated in this Sanctuary. This devotion extends beyond the limits of the city to other points of the Region of Murcia, as well as other regions, from where pilgrims and devotees arrive .

They were knights of Santiago who brought devotion to Santa Eulalia to Totana, since these lands were donated by Alfonso X El Sabio in 1257 to the Military Order of Santiago and his master Pelay Pérez Correa, a person linked to the city of Mérida.

It includes:

  • ·         Guide Service on the route
  • ·         Guided visit to the Santuary of the La Santa and the museum of the Tower of Homenaje
  • ·         Appetizer at the end of the route
  • ·         Accident insurance, assistence and Civil Liability insurance

The route price is €20  per person


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